An introduction and quick tease


Welcome to Elephant Walk Coaching!

This is a big moment for me as i prepare my thoughts for Elephant Walk Coaching’s FIRST blog!

I’d like this first blog to be an introduction; a teaser of sorts that allows you to know a little bit about me and my intentions and dreams of my new coaching business, Elephant Walk.

Who am i? And where the heck did i come up with Elephant Walk? I will gladly share the story of the elephant at a later date, but for today i’d like you to know a little bit more about me.

My name is Lauren Anderson. I am a Colorado native who has an insanely large family, an extremely cute cocker spaniel named Honey Bear, a holistic medicine background, i am an artist, a creative, a healer in my own right, an eclectic woman in personality and passions. I love my life. I love love. And i love elephants.

My “real” life’s work began when i was 20 years old. My roaring twenties were not so hip – my life consisted of self-help books, essential oils, meditations, and therapy. At the young age of 20 i started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks which brought my life into the scope of not-so-cool and not-at-all-fun. However, looking back, this was one of the sweetest and most precious times of my life. I spent the good first part of my twenties in a world of healing. This quickly turned into a career. By the age of 26 i had taken it to the heights of having my own practice. I offered skincare services, energy work sessions, i coached and consulted on the use of essential oils, and started my own “coaching” concept for other women who struggled with anxiety. I went back to school and received two years of training in Homeopathic medicine and added this type of prescribing to my list of services for my clients. BUT, while i was in school i took a job in the corporate world, and that is where i have been for the past 7 years.

My game changer: My father died. In January of 2014 from cancer, i lost my dad at the very young age of 60. And that changed everything. It changed me.

So, enter Elephant Walk Coaching to this conversation. I made some major life changes as a result of losing my dad. I quit my job, went back to school, and returned to a healing line of work that better represents my life’s calling.

So what is a coach and why would you need me???

Working with a coach is NOT therapy. Working with a coach becomes a way of life. A coach can help you gain new perspectives, hold you accountable, provide encouragement, assist in brainstorming and mind mapping ideas, emotions, and life goals….the possibilities are endless. It has been my experience that working with a coach can be the most valuable work in insight and thoughts. I have gained more control over my life in my work with a coach than i have in therapy as therapy provides an entirely different form of healing. Being coached brings you to the NOW and accompanies you in your visions and thought processes to help move forward.

I have been trained and certified as a Professional Coach which allows me to coach you in any area of your life. I am in the process of receiving my Relationship and Bereavement Coach certification which will allow me to work more specifically inside these two topics.

Intrigued? Maybe a little? Good!

My website will be up in several weeks. I will post the link when it is ready. Elephant Walk’s Facebook page is up and the link is below if you’d like to follow along.

I have much more to say, many more blogs to post….but today’s post was intentionally a teaser to get us started.

Feel free to email me with any interest or questions.  Send to: